• Restorative Detox Class

    Join us to detox and restore your body. This includes an all levels gentle Hatha Class that finishes with some restorative postures and guided meditation as well as, fresh fruit and veggie juice from Splash Juicery and some raw Healthy Desserts. Take this 90 minutes to reset and de-stress from the holidays! Your body will thank you! Class length is 75 min, food and juice to follow!

  • Mindful Movement – Hips & Back

    Many of us have the ability to refine the movements in our hips and low back. This workshop will be an exploratory journey to understand the mechanics around this profound area. Drawing principles from both Pilates and Therapeutic Yoga, we will learn how to strengthen and release muscles that may be the root cause of the issue. Whether your hips have limited mobility or are too flexible, we can work with it. Recognize the relationship between your hips and your low back to improve comfort and mobility. You will gain a new familiarity in your own body that will not only improve your Yoga poses but how you walk, stand and bend.
    This is suitable for all body types and levels of experience.


  • Learn to Meditate

    In this 2 hour workshop learn the basic science, philosophy and practice of meditation. Together we will learn the benefits of meditation and give you the tools necessary to start your own practice. A short guided meditation is also included in this session. Learn how meditation can fit into your life!

  • Gratitude and Meditation Workshop

    Join us for this guided relaxation and meditation, a brief talk about gratitude and how to live in the space of gratitude more often and create strategies to implement gratitude your life.

    No Meditation Experience Required!!


  • Relax and Renew Workshop

    This is another great opportunity to take advantage of a fantastic restorative yoga class. We host about 1 workshop a month for you to just come and be! Let go of stress and worries and allow your body to rest, restore and relax. These classes are 90 min long and include a gentle warm up and 75 min of long help restorative postures using many props to make you as comfortable as possible. It’s better then napping!!

  • Yoga for Better Sleep

    Trouble sleeping? Falling asleep? Staying asleep? Or maybe you just feel like sleep should be more restful. This workshop may be for you!

    Join us in this informative and relaxing workshop where you’ll learn effective sleep hygiene rituals, breathing techniques and mindfulness tools to easily tap into the parasympathetic nervous system. Do this while enjoying a calming yoga practice to help prepare the body for sleep.

    Learn to achieve the restful sleep you deserve!

    Great for all levels!

  • Mother’s Day Partner Class

    A Class for moms and their “Adult” Children

    Come and celebrate the sacred relationships we have with our mothers and join us for an evening of relaxation, deep connection and celebration of the new moon energies.

    Using essential oils to soothe, partner yoga/meditation to facilitate a deeper level of communication and understanding; we’ll enjoy a time of bliss under the refreshed energies of the new moon and celebrate the feminine universe within the powerful women we are proud to call, Mom.

    This class is designed for teenage and adult children with their mother. We recommend 15 years and older. There will be use of essential oils, meditation and yoga in this class, so if you have scent allergies this may not be for you!

  • Intro to Yoga

    This 30 minute class in informational in nature. You will learn different yoga terminology, what to wear, what to bring, what class will be the best fit for you, how to use props and what to expect your first class so that you are not feeling lost. The cost is $10 but you will leave with a free drop in for your first class. This is great for beginners.