We were featured in a great article over at Metro News

Trista Davis is on a mission to embrace a sometimes forgotten demographic in the yoga studio—plus size and limited mobility students—and since the only classes she found around town seemed to cater to the already fit, yoga-savvy crowd, she opened her own studio to address the issue.

“I didn’t feel that I fit in in the classes I tried,” said Davis, who found a common refrain on Facebook when she posted about her experiences in typical yoga programs. “People told me they’d go to one class and never went back—yoga language and poses can be intimidating, so it scares off beginners or those with balance, knee or hip issues.”  … click to see full article

11817170_933036553422112_5890147266503195651_nWe held a fantastic event called Cat on the Mat to raise money and awareness for Safe Team which received local media coverage: