The Mechanic, The Furnace Cleaner and The Yoga Teacher

As I was driving into the studio this morning I noticed a vehicle in front of me that was advertising for furnace cleaning. For whatever the reason this thought process began:

Why are there so many furnace cleaners?
Oh.. Because everyone has a furnace
It’s a good business to be a need of everyone….
oh wait…. haha you are… and so began this blog post…

Furnace cleaners, mechanics and yoga teachers all have one thing in common… they help to preform regular scheduled maintenance!!!

Just as you would get a oil change for your car or have the furnace cleaned; your body needs regular scheduled maintenance as well. So how does Yoga do this?
Well there are a few ways:

Yoga Asana(physical postures)- can help to lubricate the joints, stretch and strengthen, the muscles, move the connective tissue and increase balance.

Pranayama(breath work) can help to reduce wear and tear of internal organs, lower blood pressure, relaxation of body tensions, quite nerves and increase circulation.

Meditation(my personal favorite)- Marianne Williamson said “If you meditate in the morning, you’re less likely to do or say that stupid thing you’ll regret later.” to me this is super important in my life. But meditation can also help reduce irritability and fatigue, calm and focus the mind, enhances creativity, increases productivity, and help us with the other 5 limbs of yoga not mentioned(more on that later).

So just like you get on the phone with a furnace cleaner to increase the life of your furnace, bring YOU to a yoga studio and get some regular scheduled maintenance to perhaps create a longer more enjoyable life.

As always, I look forward to meeting you on the mat.


Trista Davis