Raeleigne (Rae) Van Patten

Yoga Instructor

I have been practicing yoga on and off for the past 18 years, but dabbling in the practice just wasn’t enough to satisfy my need to know more about this beautiful practice. I also needed to understand why each time I stepped on the mat I was able to release so much of the tension that I had accumulated from my work day. This was an interesting concept for me as I am a Corporate Professional who has spent almost 2 decades developing my knowledge in the field of workplace health and safety with a strong focus on the body, ergonomics and how a persons’ job impacts their body. The more I learned, the more my need for knowledge grew and I decided to start a new adventure and become a Yoga Teacher. Once I was fully immersed in the Hatha Yoga Teacher Training, I discovered that time on the mat was just one small part of what I was learning, and that this adventure was life changing and was going to be awesome!! Once I graduated from the 200-hour training I knew that I needed to continue to educate myself and that this adventure will be life-long. As I constantly grow my knowledge base, my practice will continue to strengthen. In turn my students will benefit and hopefully grow a love for the yoga practice that fosters grace, personal growth, strength, stability and physical, psychological and spiritual well-being.