Charlene Smith

Yoga Instructor

My journey with yoga began during my hectic university career. I was spreading myself thin and as a result found my health to take the back burner. But as I now know, your body will whisper to you, and if you do not listen, it will scream. And scream it did! I experienced both a mental and physical breakdown by the age of 20. Traditional therapy only reminded me of the past rather than provide me the feeling of healing in the present. That is when I began practising yoga on my living room floor. Immediately, I fell in love and have fallen in deeper love every single practice. Happy to have been teaching since 2013, I have transformed from that of being a drone in society, to creating a life with meaning and purpose. To being the creator rather than the victim in my life and moving into a space of empowerment with consistent transformation, rather than bowing down to feelings of helplessness and insecurity. It is this sense of freedom and love that I bring to every practice I guide my students through.

Charlene specializes in workshops centred around self care/wellness, personal development and transformation. Through her own personal experience and study, she provides practical tools for personal freedom, increased sense of wellness, motivation and inspiration!