Carolin Maran

Yoga Instructor

My yoga journey began more than a decade ago, but turned into a consistent practice six years ago when I injured my lower back. Through regular yoga practice I was finally able to stop taking medication and live a pain free day-to-day life! Yoga also helped bring me back to other physical activities such as running and hiking that I had assumed were no longer available to me. Today, I can’t imagine my life without this practice and it’s health benefits.

Initially, my decision to pursue teacher training was to deepen my own practice and learn more modifications and variations applicable to my injuries. As I learned more, I realized a strong desire to share my findings with others, particularly those who are in pain or feel limited by injuries or mobility issues. I would love nothing more than to help others live a pain free and health filled life!

Thanks to recommendations from some of my favourite teachers, I had the pleasure of training with Michele Theoret of Empowered Yoga for my 200 RYT, and Mandy Trapp of Samadhi Meditation for my Meditation Teaching Certification.

While I chose to train in power flow, and love teaching a fast-paced, flowing practice, I also enjoy teaching a well-balanced hatha class (with plenty of room for modifications) and a restorative class that will calm the body and the mind.

In a nutshell, I am a yoga and meditation instructor addicted to yoga, running, cooking and coffee. I love birds, I save bugs and I live life with an open heart and mind.

Can’t wait to meet you on the mat!