Summer Yoga Challenge

I am so excited about the Summer Yoga Challenge again this year. It is going to be such a great way to connect with so many people and it has amazing benefits for all participants.

First of all, Unlimited Yoga for $149 starting June 25th, and all of July and August. That is an amazing deal even, if you don’t start until July!

Secondly every time you come in, you can check yourself in, and you will win discounts and prizes based on your attendance.

30 visits= 20% off for a Yoga purchase in September

40 visits = 30% off any yoga purchase in September, 20% off any of our fall workshops

50 or more visits= Complimentary Unlimited Yoga in September, 30% any Yoga purchase in October and 50% off any fall workshop. Details on that coming soon!

All you have to do is attend classes 🙂 It’s that easy!

Plus we will have special perks for anyone that buys an unlimited pass. For example, bring your friend for free days, pre sales, and some other juicy stuff that Trista may think up!

We will release 30 passes for sale, on June 15th, get yours for only $149!