It’s me again – the Yoga No-BODY!

Hey it’s me again – the Yoga No-BODY.  I did it, I signed up for  a class – GULP!  A beginner class, because well that sounded like where a beginner like me should start – but did you know that ALL the classes offered at Above Average Yoga are beginner classes, so no matter what class you choose they are all perfect for people like us.  I am super nervous, I mean this is ACTUAL yoga, not just me sitting in a chair listening to someone talk about yoga while I relive my yogi master dreams of past….I convinced a friend to come because I figure anything potentially mortifying is much more fun when you bring a friend.

Thoughts running through my head right now:

-well most importantly there is the what am I going to wear? Could I rock a sweatband? I know legwarmers are back in style, Yoga leg warmers would be sweet, but then I’d have to wear super tight pants  so maybe no legwarmers but I do still think I should look in to the sweatband.  Trista never mentioned a sweatband, she said loose clothing is best, but I’m sure she just forgot to mention the sweatband.
– What should I eat beforehand?  There was that time I went to a “bring a friend to bootcamp day” and barfed everywhere in front of that really good looking guy because it was really hard and I ate like way to much yogurt and granola beforehand….  It’s at 4 and Trista said to have a light snack at most, so maybe a nice sized lunch and just some almonds and a cheese string in the afternoon…we do not need a repeat of barf-a-polooza 2011.

– I wonder where that yoga mat is I bought during my brief week as a yoga enthusiast?  I should look for it…It’s probably in that pile in the basement my husband likes to call “the mountain of abandoned dreams”; They have mats there though so I can use one of those if I can’t find it.

– I’ve got this!! It’s beginner YOGA – how bad could it be….right?

I got to Above Average and Trista was at the front desk, again super friendly and informative – she gave me a lock so I could lock my stuff up in the lockers at the back which was super handy because I don’t think about these things in advance!  It’s nice to know your stuff is locked away and you can just focus on the yoga at hand.  My girlfriend and I were the only ones in the class which was fun, it was like private yoga but we didn’t have to pay extra for it!!

The beginner class was taught by Carolin and it was focused on slow flow yoga.  I INSTANTLY got nervous because I had heard flow was really hard but instead of high tailing it out of there I stuck around, mostly because my friend drove but that’s beside the point.  Carolin was fantastic right off the bat; she showed us which props to grab so we had them ready to go and she was really great at breaking down each move for us so that we weren’t lost.  She worked us slowly in to it as well which was nice because this Yoga-No-BODY is used to sitting in a desk chair, not bending my bits all up.  Carolin was really great at complimenting us and helping us along the way and honestly made us feel wanted and welcome there and I’m so glad we went.  I can’t wait to go back!!  I just can’t decide if I should go check out a new class or stick with what I know.

As a side note, instead of barf-a-polooza 2011 the opposite happened, I decided NOT to eat anything after about noon so that I definitely wouldn’t barf and ended up feeling a bit light headed and had to sit down for a few minutes but I got over it and got back up to join the class and I’m so glad I did because I felt AMAZING at the end of it; really relaxed but empowered all at the same time is the best way I can describe the feeling.

Now the only question I have is which class should I try next – is there a class you want this yoga No-BODY to check out and review for you?