Greetings from a Yoga No-BODY.

I’m going to an Intro to yoga session tonight at Above Average Yoga and I have to be honest I’m a bit nervous. I got passionate about yoga for about a week, back in 2007; I found a cheap yoga DVD in the clearance bin at Walmart brought it home and decided YES!! I will becoming a Yogi Master. I remember staying up late one night, reading someone’s blog and deciding I’m going to just really embrace Yoga, I’m feeling the calling; I even ordered a yoga cookbook…it’s true – I still have it and it’s full of weird healthy vegetarian recipes I will  NEVER eat. While I waited for the cookbook to arrive I lost interest in yoga and my “found it for a great deal at Winners it must be fate” yoga mat ended up in the back of the closet and the closest to Yogi Master I ever became is stealing picnic baskets full of yummy food like Yogi Bear.

Fast forwards about 8 years, I have two kids a busy life and I am finding myself feeling old. I get up in the morning and I’m already sore and tired; I think my grandpa could beat me down the stairs in a race. I am starting to realize that I need to get in touch with my body, I need to treat it a lot better than I have been because while I might feel old, this body has a lot of living left to do and I don’t want to spend it feeling like this. I think offering Yoga for beginners is a fantastic idea, I think offering Yoga for beginners who don’t already have a “yoga body” is even more amazing because I know that is what has kept me from being brave and walking in to a yoga studio.  In general I’m not self conscious, but throw me in some work out gear with a bunch of thin bendy women and suddenly all I can think about is how I’m not them and maybe I should just stay home. I know yoga is a great avenue for a healthy mind and body and everyone is going to benefit from it bu,t I also know I want a safe place to explore it and from what I am reading about this studio I really feel that this might be that place.

I am sitting outside Above Average taking some deep breaths, thinking WHAT have I got myself in to… I KNOW this is a body positive studio so I can do this right?! I take one last deep breath and think it’s now or never, I’m going in. I was greeted by Trista who is super friendly and welcoming, there is green tea brewing and a nice comfy couch to sit on and fill out my waiver form. Tonight is just an info session so it’s totally not necessary to fill a waiver in but why not, I’m coming back to ACTUALLY do some yoga right…RIGHT?!

I look around and there are people just like me coming in the doorway, some with limited mobility, some with imperfect yoga bodies and I feel at ease, that tension I had been holding starts to leave my body and I think to myself I really do belong here, I don’t feel weird or self-conscious at all. The previous yoga session lets out and normal looking people of all sizes and ages start walking out of the room and they all seem super happy and relaxed, not one of them had a yoga body, not one of them gave me that look…you know the one…the what are YOU doing here look…

The actual info session was great, we went in the actual studio and the owner, Trista, took some time to talk about herself and how Above Average Yoga came to be, and why it’s different from all the other studios out there; she also talked about different yoga terms, the different classes available and she even walked through each of the props and what they are for and how they can help those of us with limited mobility or the inability to reach the floor etc. To top it all off we all got a FREE pass to attend any yoga class offered at the studio and you know what…I’m actually excited to come back and try one out! Stay tuned because this yoga no-BODY is likely going to blog about that too!!