Grateful for Self Care


I’m sorry that that you haven’t heard from you in a little while. The last few months have been totally crazy but amazing all at the same time. I cannot believe I sit here one day away from construction starting in just over a month away from when I will open the doors. I am in such gratitude for how everything has come together.

There have been many ups and downs of the last couple months and things have been very emotional on both sides of the spectrum.  I am so grateful that I have yoga and meditation my life because I’m not sure what the last few months would’ve looked like for me had I not had those things. I remember what it felt like when I was opening my other business for the first time and I was at a very different place my life. I knew nothing about yoga or meditation or really anything about self-care and I look back on that and although it so worth it today it was such a stressful, miserable time in my life and a lot of things were sacrificed including my health and my relationships.

Over the last five years yoga, meditation and many other forms of self-care come into my life and I’m so grateful for it. Because I am doing all these things that help me to take care of myself, opening the studio has been a lot of fun. There definitely have been times of frustration but they pass very quickly and I typically learn a lesson or two from every instance of frustration or anger. But that is the difference,  my instances of frustration or anger are extremely brief and then they are leaving my body so that they can not cause any harm to it. I believe that things are different this time around because I have different tools in my self-care tool belt.

Self care one of those things that in general, as a society we are pretty bad at. I find women especially often don’t take time out of their day for themselves. There are quite a few things that I do now for self-care including yoga, meditation, manicures, pedicures, journalling and massage. Those are the things that work for me, I strongly encourage you to find something that works for you. Remember if you are not taking care of yourself you cannot possibly take care of anybody else. Give yourself five minutes a day to just breath, sit in a quiet space, breathe and get back your body it’ll be totally worth it I promise!

See you soon!


Trista Davis