• faqs
  • How are you different than other yoga studios?

    Above Average Yoga is different because we are focused on specific needs of different individuals. We have classes that fit with all levels but we primarily focus on beginner and classes for different body types and mobility. When you come to a class you will find other individuals that are just like you with your body type and your fitness level. Our class sizes are small and you will never be with more then 13 other people which allows the teacher to give you more attention.  If you are unsure of what class you will fit into please contact us and we would be happy to point you in the right direction.

    What should I bring to class?

    A water bottle – it is always great to have water with you when getting any type of exercise.

    Comfortable Clothing – Wear comfortable clothing that you can move and breath in that you will not have to fiddle with too much, worrying about your cloths can interrupt your practice. We practice in bare feet so that you don’t slip and slide all over the place.

    A Yoga Mat – If you have a yoga mat that is great, bring it along, if not, we also have yoga mats that you can use that are sanitized between each use.

    Can I eat before I come?

    You should try to have a light meal a couple of hours before your class begins.

    Should I come to class if I am feeling sick?

    Yoga may help with prevention of ailments but if you are already sick please enjoy your practice at home and get lots of rest and fluids.

    How early before class should I arrive?

    Please arrive at least 10 minutes before class to find parking and get settled in the studio. Feel free to arrive earlier we have a community lounge area with tea and water where you can get to know the fellow participants before and after class.

    What does it mean that your studio is geared towards plus size bodies?

    All the classes are developed with the plus size body in mind.  The classes are designed to ensure that no one feels left behind or singled out when doing a pose. All the poses will be pre modified for your body and if it still doesn’t fit the instructor will help to find you something that does. Most Classes unless otherwise specified will be geared towards plus size individuals but everyone is always welcome to attend!

    I have done yoga before, will your beginner classes be too easy?

    It is not that our beginner classes are easier than other studios but they are taught with more instruction and focus on posture and good form. The teacher will assume that everyone is a beginner and will explain things thoroughly as they go. If you take one of our registered beginner programs it will be more of a progression and it will become more challenging as you go along.

    I don’t want to leave your studio ever, will you be offering more advanced classes?

    As there becomes a need we will be adding more advanced and challenging classes.

    Do you offer anything other than Yoga?

    Yes we hope to offer Pilates and Bellyfit as well as other fitness classes for both the beginner, advanced and plus sized individual.

    What does it cost?

    Please refer to our Yoga Pricing to view all of our pricing options.

    When are the class times?

    Please refer to our schedule to view our live schedule.

    What if I register for a program but I miss a class?

    We provide you with 3 free drop ins with our 12 week registered programs to use to make up classes. Our 8 week programs are priced really well so we do not offer a make up option for these classes.

    Do you Offer Refunds?

    Refunds are not available for any services, punch cards or registered programs. If there is a medical concern we are happy to offer a credit to go towards future classes.