Above Average Yoga – An Introduction

My name is Trista , I am weight loss coach and nutritionist from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. For 5 years I’ve been helping people lose weight and keep it off. It is now my time to bring you on my journey of opening my Yoga Studio. So let me tell you a little bit about it and possibly paint a picture of what I am trying to achieve.

Above Average Yoga is going to be a place for everyone, all body types, fitness levels and walks of life.

Our focus:
plus size Yoga and fitness
limited mobility Yoga
beginner Yoga.

Will this evolve? Possibly, but it will always be most important to me to serve the beginner, plus size and limited mobility market as those markets are close to my heart.

This will be a place of community, a place where people can go to connect and feel safe.

At Above Average Yoga you will be inspired and empowered by your body even if there are challenges, never limitations only opportunities to grow and meet your body where it’s at and challenge it from a place of love.

It is an all inclusive environment with small specialized classes where we strive to know, your name, your story and how we can help YOU.

It will be a community built studio that encourages personal growth in all areas of life.

It will be FUN!! You will laugh, you will cry and you will have stories to tell.

It will be affordable and easy to participate in!

Above Average Yoga will:

  • Engage You!
  • Inspire You!
  • Empower You!
  • Love You!
  • Challenge You!
  • Activate You!
    and much more

This is a studio built for you by you and I will carefully consider all suggestions and ideas!

We are so excited for you to be a part of this new and exciting community! Please join us on social media for updates, giveaways and much more! I am so excited to connect with everyone on social media and them meet you in the few short months to follow! We will be open for business January 2nd! I can’t hardly wait!

Lot’s of Love,

Trista Davis